New Windows 7 Taskbar, Peek Feature Look Awesome

New Windows 7 Taskbar, Peek Feature Look Awesome

Microsoft has already caught some flack for “copying” the OS X dock with the new Windows 7 taskbar; the video above from the Professional Developer’s Conference both addresses that criticism and takes you on a guided tour of the new taskbar. Whether or not you think Windows 7 borrowed from OS X with the update, there’s no question that Microsoft added its own flair and probably even improved the taskbar/dock concept, particularly with the peek feature. For a look at some of the other features you can expect from Windows 7, check out our Windows 7 first look. Thanks Jason!


  • Didn’t Apple just get a patent on their “Dock” in OS X. So are we looking at a law suit for patent infringement or just a huge payment from MSFT to Apple for licensing the patent? My guess is a law suit against Vista SE (Windows 7) close to release that will throw a spanner in the works.

  • i really don’t think M$ has copied Apple in any way with their taskbar concept. when you think about it apple has in fact copied M$. We can see this as the dock wasn’t present until OS-X, which is well after the taskbar concept was introduced in windows 95. This is where we have to say who copied the idea of a GUI at all? Wasn’t it Xerox ;)? Hmmmm…i can’t wait to try win 7 out…*waits for his VM to install*.

  • Ummm…Shouldn’t they be focussing on making Windows more secure and reliable rather than fiddling with the interface? I understand the need to package up a new product, but I’d buy Windows 7 if it:
    – didn’t require a new computer to run it
    – didn’t crash/lock-up/freeze regularly
    – didn’t require several third party security programs to keep out virii, malware etc

    I could care less about its “cool new UI”.

    Weren’t they listening to all the people who said “Vista sucks because….”. And don’t get me started on the Office 2007 ribbon bar debacle….grrrr

  • John C, they didn’t copy apple at all with their new taskbar lol.
    Go Take a look at KDE in LINUX dude – THATS where M$ got its ideas from in Win7. And nobody copied apple when it comes to
    the whole 3D Desktop idea either – LINUX has been doing that for years. Apple copied THEM. Nothing really new here. Been done already by a FREE OS.

  • Amjay, Microsoft is making more changes ‘under the hood’, performance, security etc.
    only thing really changed is the taskbar and its improved functionality. Other UI are still much the same

  • [quote]Ummm…Shouldn’t they be focussing on making Windows more secure and reliable rather than fiddling with the interface?[/quote]
    Ummm… They should focus on making Windows more secure and reliable AND making improvements to the UI. (and off course other improvements)

    What makes you think that improving one thing excluses improving another thing?

    [quote]I could care less about its “cool new UI”.[/quote]
    1,000 different people, 1,000 different opinions, 1,000 different needs. In other words what you think and what you wish is not the same as what all people think and what all people wish. Therefore MS is making more improvements then only making Windows more secure and reliable.

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