Merge MP3 Combines Audio Files In Drag-and-Drop Interface

Windows only: If you are looking for ways to merge a bunch of MP3 files into one larger file, and don't like the command line solution I wrote about earlier this week, try Merge MP3. The application is tiny, the interface familiar, and it will allow you to drag-and-drop MP3 files onto a playlist, change the order, preview the audio, and then mix them all down to a single MP3 files along with APIC images and ID3 meta-data. Perfect for creating a mix or joining files from an audiobook you've ripped from multiple CDs. Merge MP3 is a free download for Windows.


    Is there a way the merged .mp3 file can contain a playlist with separate track instead of just one big track?

    Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. This works perfectly. I'm used to doing this manually with soundstudio, I was lost without my precious mac, -I thought there'd be no way of doing it. Old Lp's often have songs spread over three or more tracks (check out Diamond dogs by David Bowie). why did no one think of this before as a dedicated tool? or better yet, an application on windows media player. -Have microsoft offered you millions for this yet?

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