Make Your Own 'Stealth' Camera Bag

If you've got a nice camera and all the attachments and accessories to go with it, you'll definitely want a camera bag to protect it. But you don't have to pay a professional-grade markup or make it obvious you've got expensive gear in there. The Wired How-To Wiki details turning a military surplus bag, some rolled-up foam and stiff cardboard into a compartmentalised, sturdy, and non-branded camera bag. It's not waterproof, and won't necessarily fit all the lenses you could want, but it's made for carrying and could easily be upgraded by those with an eye for it.


    A nice solution. I am also interested in a stealth approach. You can upscale the project a little by covering the foam with a soft fabric.. like from an old shirt or pair of jeans. Sew or wrap like a present and use riggers tape on the back side.

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