Make A Bedside Stand For Your iPhone Or iPod Touch

iPhone-Arm.jpg I often watch video on my iPod Touch to wind down before sleeping, but there's always a big downside: having to hold onto the device while you're viewing. Reader Raphael wrote in with a nifty solution to the problem:

Take one desk lamp (around $25), one automotive phone holder ($10) and maybe a spare iPhone cable, in case you want to keep it charged. Remove the lamp head assembly and join together the remaining ingredients as you see fit — I chose the ever-useful "many little cable-ties" method.

As well as being good for pre-bed videos, this is also a nifty technique for hands-free viewing while at your desk — and you could use it with any portable video device. Thanks Raphael!


    Wow this is genius, would make for a great alarm clock, night light too!

    Amazed I haven't seen this come appear from any of the other 3rd parties already?!?!

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