MailOnFeed Pushes Email To Your Newsreader

Web application MailOnFeed fetches email from an email account of your choosing, then converts the contents to an RSS feed you can subscribe to in your feed reader. Granted, if you're a Gmail user you can already subscribe to feeds of your inbox or labelsprovided you're using a newsreader with support for authentication. On the other hand, if you're newsreader doesn't support authentication (like Google Reader), you're not using Gmail, or you've got some old junk email account that you want to keep track of using your newsreader, the free-to-use MailOnFeed could come in very handy.


    the website seems to be down, but I found another great service: that does exactly the same.
    I tried it and it works like a charm!

    We recently launched new service, which do the same, but not required any registration or even email account

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