Learn How To Pronounce Names Correctly

We've all been there. You look at a list of names for a meeting or at a new business card and you have absolutely no idea there was a last name with that many vowels. HowToSayThatName.com is a web site devoted to cataloguing both first and last names, spoken by native speakers. No idea how to pronounce last names like "Nyugen" or "Dokht"? Look the name up and play the embedded audio file to hear it. While a mispronounced name here and there is unavoidable, saying someone's name correctly when they are accustomed to it being butchered goes a long way whether in a boardroom or at a barbecue.


    It sounds awesome but the link no longer works - looks like we might have used up all of the sites allocated bandwidth...

    this is a very good way to improve our english and another thing it's helpful for new people who start to read english, too.

    Great idea but woefully short of content. Found a couple of my Chinese student's names but most of the other names I tried could not be found. I guess that there needs to be some reward for people to upload their contribution.

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