John's Background Switcher Updates, Supports Photo RSS Feeds

Windows only: John's Background Switcher—a free utility that rotates your desktop wallpaper using photos from sources like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, or just your desktop—has updated to add support for RSS feeds. That means the popular wallpaper tool now supports sites like deviantArt, LOLCats, and pretty much any other photo site with an RSS feed. If you're keen on keeping your desktop fresh, John's Background Switcher is a godsend. John's Background Switcher is a free download, Windows only. Thanks Chris!


    If 30 MB of RAM is a lot then you may need to loosen the sphincter a bit. Seriously kids, that's not a lot and yes of COURSE it will use more when it actually does the desktop changing - it is doing a lot of magic under the hood. Another option is to simply schedule it to run every x hours. It will run, change the desktop, then exit.
    BTW, fantastic application John.

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