ISODisk Mounts Up To Twenty Disk Images

ISODisk Mounts Up To Twenty Disk Images

Windows only: You don’t have a single .iso file to open, you have a pile you need to go through. ISODisk will help you cut through the pile and find the files you’re looking for. ISODisk is a free application which allows you to mount a disk image and browse it like a regular drive. ISODisk won’t mount other disk image formats like .nrg, .mdf, or .dmg files but shines at mounting up to twenty .iso images with unique drive letters. ISODisk will also create disk images from non-encrypted disks. ISODisk is freeware, Windows only.


  • Wow – this is insanely cool. If only the other file formats were included: maybe in a later release? Although I guess most things you’d need to mount are now in single files, rather than disc-a, disc-b, etc.

  • The free Pismo File Mount Audit Package mounts ISO files (and CFS, PFO, ZIP, ISZ, DAA, CISO, JAR) without using drive letters. There are no arbitrary limitations on the number of mounted files, and mounting files is very fast. Mounted files become virtual folders that are accessible in-place through the file system.

    You can multi-select a whole folder full of ISOs and right-click “quick mount”, or you can drag and drop a bunch of ISO files to the “Mount Control” window.

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