iPhone 2.2 Firmware Update Now Available

The long-awaited 2.2 firmware updates for iPhones and iPod touch models hit iTunes at midnight last night, pushing a good deal of new features and long-awaited fixes to the mobile devices. We've already detailed some of the major new features already: Street View with walking/transit directions in Google Maps (iPhones only, unfortunately) and "emoji" face emoticons, over-the-air podcast downloading, and, while not really a feature, it's expected that 2.2 will be jailbroken before you know it. There's a good number of interface and usability improvements too, like improved HTML email formatting and location sharing, stability and menu bar tweaks to Safari, and a few other punch-list items. I'm downloading my 240MB-ish iPod update just fine; tell us your impressions of 2.2 in the comments.


    How long should the update take? My update has been 'verifying updated iphone software' for over 5 hours now.

    I just got the update for my iPod Touch (2nd Gen) and I noticed that it changed how audio podcasts play. Now, they have their special screen which is actually very nice. It allows you to skip between chapters and zoom in on the image. The issue for me is that I can no longer go to the home screen or lock the iPod and have the podcast continue playing. That's right! I can't lock it and put it in my pocket to listen to my favorite podcast on the go. It doesn't even auto-lock! The screen just stays on the whole time, eating up your battery like crazy! Does anyone else have this problem or is it something weird with my iPod?

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