Internode Ditches Setup Fee For Long-Stay Customers

Internet service provider Internode has dumped its $199 setup fee for new customers — but there’s a catch, which is that you have to sign up for the service for two years. That restricts your ability to easily switch to another ISP down the track if a better deal comes along, since Internode then slaps you with an early exit fee of (you guessed it) $199. Alternatively, you can pay $129 for a one-month cancellation contract deal (which is what I think I’d do if I was switching ISPs). Would you rather pay less up front for your broadband in return for a longer contract — a common model with mobile phones — or maintain flexibility by not signing up long-term? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I think this move is great and I wish that ~30 months ago when I signed up it was available. Internode may not be the cheapest but it is the best quality with bonuses. With all Internode ADSL accounts they provide 10 hours a month dial up which good if your ADSL goes down or your traveling with a laptop. There are Internode WiFi hot spots (e.g. Cibo Espresso) that you can use your account to login and use the web like you were at home. How many ISP offer this as free extras, not to mention the un-metered content they also provide.

  • Two years used to be a long time in Broadband pricing,and prices changed rapidly, but now they tend to stay roughly the same for longer, I don’t churn as much as I used to. Internode certainly have the quality of service that would make you want to stay, if you’ve done your research and decided on the plan you are happy with I’d go the no upfront option with them for sure.

  • And me signing up 14 days earlier and paying $39 to churn! You know I have asked the question about getting the fee back for a 24 month contract, just to see if it would happen since they are the greatest ISP on the planet. High praise indeed, they are currently better than Dodo, but then who isn’t?

  • @PAtkins: the first thought is, how do you know it is the best if you have only used internode for 10years 🙂

    That said; I am likewise a biased customer of Internode, though I haven’t quite been with them for 10 years. It’s just over 4 years for me.

    They may or may not be the cheapest ISP around, but, (in my eyes) they certainly make up for it in the services that they provide.
    One of the few things I miss that they have changed, is the method that I could immediately change to a higher quantity plan(when I run out/low on my data, and want to keep the speed) and then change it back to my original plan which would then revert back to my original plan on the following billing month.
    Was cheaper than the current(new) method of purchasing extra download when running out and wanting to keep your speed.

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