Install Lookout On Outlook 2007

Before its acquisition by Microsoft back in 2004, Lookout was a well-regarded Outlook add-on that made it possible to search through your email inbox effectively (Outlook's own search being singularly useless at the time). Microsoft clearly learnt something from the acquisition, since search in Outlook 2007 is much better, if still not Google-like in its efficiency and speed. If, however, you're still hankering for the Lookout experience, it is possible to get Lookout installed on Outlook 2007, as blogger Mike Belshe (a former Lookout employee) explains in a detailed post. The process sounds a tad fiddly, but it's a useful option if you don't want to just stick with the default Windows search option for Outlook.



    Pretty sure MS rolled Lookout into Windows Desktop Search. If nothing else, installing that does give you a much much much more powerful (and similar to Lookout) search functionality in Outlook - without the tweaking.

    Windows Desktop Search is certainly the key to Outlook's searching -- if you switch it off to try and improve Windows performance, Outlook basically has no search capability. When Lookout was acquired, the big noise was around improving what was then called MSN Search, but like Doug I'm sure some of that expertise ended up in Desktop Search too. Personally I'd also stick with using the built-in options, but people used to using the Lookout toolbar may well find that more intuitive than the standard Outlook options.

    The link has died .... redirects to a generic Network Solutions 'this domain expired on 11-07-2008' message' ...

    I tried it so often to make Lookout work in Outlook 07, but gave it up because it was sensless. It never worked...I think it makes no sense to keep at Lookout, even if it was a good tool. I tried a few other tools and now work with Lookeen...its really similar to Lookout but developed! If anybody is interested or had the same problem like me here the url:

      I´m using Lookeen since one year and i´m very happy with it.

    Below link worked for me for Lookout on Win XP and Win 7 and OL2007.
    Just a note that it worked only after .Net Framework 2.0 was installed on all machines

    Thanx Mike and Vlad

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