Inside The iiNet Piracy Lawsuit

Inside The iiNet Piracy Lawsuit

The news that a consortium of seven movie studios has sued Australian ISP iiNet for not responding to takedown notices represents an interesting new local chapter in the ongoing Hollywood-versus-BitTorrent debate. Suing individuals has generated lots of bad publicity for studios in the past, but it remains to be seen whether attacking providers will create the same degree of controversy. Dan Warne at APC has comprehensively analysed the case, and concludes that iiNet may have a hard time winning — which in turn might have a knock-on effect for most other ISPs. Until the case returns to the courts in December, nothing is certain, but it’s something to contemplate while you watch your downloads trickle in.


  • Not true; format shifting for personal use has been legal in Australia since 2006. Copy protection circumvention is illegal, but not an issue in VHS-to-DVD format shifts.

  • Movie studios would be better off utilising their time in finding ways to deliver the products the consumers want in the formats the consumer wants instead of attacking an ISP. Seriously, if they had movies\tv series available here for legal download for a normal (not ridiculous) fee, many people would pay it. I know i would.

  • iinet has made a good point. They are not the police. The Police have better things to do with their time. It cant stop it, but they can stop the guys who are profiting from it directly. These are the people who are selling the rubbish at the local markets and having a good laugh at your expense. Don’t buy it from them and tell the cops, these are the real pirates (not the cops…Umm then again). These are the people ripping the artists and studios off not an ISP.

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