iiNet To Launch IPTV Service

iiNetPilot.jpgIt might be engaged in a potentially messy court battle over piracy, but ISP iiNet hasn't abandoned its "more content for users" approach, an attitude that already sees it offer access to iTunes and the ABC's iView service without counting them against monthly download quotas. In a presentation at its AGM, the company said that it intends to continue its rollout of one new product a month, with the most notable being an IPTV service that's due to roll out in mid-2009. Details of the service are scant (aside from the partial screenshot seen here), but it adds a new twist to the still largely underdeveloped local IPTV market.


    What broadband speed do you require to watch IPTV or any of the internet based TV stations live (to avoid constant buffering and stuttering)?

    iinet you continue to amaze me. Quota free is great. Catching up with Dr Who the Hack half hour and Stupid Stupid Man is great as I wouldn't stay home for any of them but do watch them when I want to. Been with them 8 months (naked (NDSL)) so don't have to deal with the Telstra crooks. Hope the "pirate" lawsuit is in iinets favor. Its like suing Smith and Weston for people who kill people with their guns. DUMB and a pointless exercise.

    iinet should have a look at speaking to Hulu and there vast library (of current shows most not ever seen the light of day in AUS) of all things good and streaming. That would get a few customers their way. Maybe this why the film industry and channel 7 (I am thinking Tivo) is going after them and not Telstra/Optus. I thing I see a conspiracy developing. Tin foils hats out everyone. They are against us. LOL.

    TV Stations look promising.. Hopefully its the main Eurosport channel so I can get my motorsport fix of racing like the World Touring Cars etc.

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