iiNet Adds Xbox Gaming To Quota-Free List

Xbox360Small.jpgApparently not content merely with offering access to iTunes and the ABC's iView without affecting your monthly download limit, ISP iiNet has also now added Xbox Live gaming content to the list of quota-free material. The announcement makes it pretty clear that it's gaming-only for now, though Xbox options in Australia being more restricted than the US, this isn't much of a problem. What we'd really like to see is other ISPs following iiNet's lead: come on people, it's supposed to be a competitive market!


    Well done iiNet.
    I'm an Internode fanboi, but I have to say that iiNet is kicking everyone else to the curb regarding it's unmetered offerings.
    It's been documented in postings at Whirlpool that iiNet's secret is a happy by-product of a fancy piece of expensive equipemnt they installed primarily for another purpose, but it also allows them to seperate the wheat from the chaff in a way no other Aussie ISP can do right now. And therefore offer these Akamai services, and others as unmetered.
    Great stuff...

    Awesome iiNet. This is great news, so even when I blow my months data allowance, I can keep playing on Xbox Live.

    I am with iinet and I am very happy with them...and it is always great to see them adding to the freezone. wonder if they will pick up PS3 or steam soon, here's hoping - hehe.

    Its only xbox downloads such as demos, maps, etc. Actual gaming is not included in the freezone. iinet are unable to monitor it, hence can't include it in freezone.

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