Iconise Windows Vista's Taskbar (Sort Of Like Windows 7)

Windows Vista only: If you like the look of the icon-only taskbar in the Windows 7 Preview, you can get (almost) the same thing in Vista. The IntoWindows tech site explains that using a free utility, EnhanceMyVista, you can set your taskbar to only show the icons of open windows, instead of the icon and title. IntoWindows says this is how to get the Windows 7 taskbar in Vista, but I disagree—this does NOT enable Windows 7's Aero Peek feature, or let you pin programs to the taskbar dock-style. It only halfway gives you the look of Windows 7, and not the functionality. Still, for crowded taskbars with tons of open windows and Vista's thumbnail previews, the icon-only look might come in handy. EnhanceMyVista is a free download for Vista only and includes scads of other Vista tweaks. Thanks, HisNameIsChris!


    True it may not have the functionality of Win7 taskbar, but nevertheless offers a nice way to change the look of Vista's taskbar.

    If you want it all the same size as your quick launch bar go to personalise, window colour and appearance, open classic appearance,advanced, in items choose active title bar and increase it to about 22 and apply. Restart and they will be bigger, I also noticed I got improved notification icons one they were bigger.

    If you want to group them then right click, personlise and click on group similar tasks.

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