How To Wrap Large Cords And Hoses

How To Wrap Large Cords And Hoses

DIY home web site FineHomebuilding has a nice guide demonstrating how to wrap large cords and hoses for clutter-free storage while avoiding twists and kinks. With a medium-gauge cord, for example:

I drape the line back and forth over my hand until I have a few feet left. Then I tie off the bundle with the remaining cord and create a loop to hang it with.

The post itself has more detailed instructions for medium- and heavy-gauge cords, along with air hoses. If you’ve got a preferred method you stick to when wrapping your large extension cords or hoses, let’s hear it in the comments.


  • I learned this method as a temporary roadie. It pertains particularly to cords such as audio, electical or Ethernet leads that should not be twisted.

    On every second coil of the cord, reverse twist it & put it behind itself. The net effect is alternate right & left twists, resulting overall in a straight cord.

  • With the under and over method be careful to keep the ends on the right side of the coil. If the hose is pulled out straight with an end which has fallen through to the other side of the coil you will create a string of thumb knots in the hose – one for every two loops of the coil. It can be a lot of trouble to get them out in a really long hose.

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