Go-oo Takes The Bloat Out Of OpenOffice.org

Windows/Linux: Free application Go-oo is a fork of the popular Microsoft Office alternative OpenOffice.org focusing on speed and greater compatibility. If you've ever used OpenOffice.org, Go-oo's load speed may blow your mind the first time you launch it, and it maintains a relatively small footprint while you're using it. The actual look and feel of Go-oo is the same as OpenOffice.org because it's essentially the same application (it's even still called OpenOffice.org). It is, however, stripped of some of the new features available in OO.org 3.0. Go-oo is free, Windows and Linux only. If you're a frequent OO.org user and you give it a try, let's hear how it compares in the comments.


    Seems this has been around for a while and there are a whole lot of politics wrapped up in this project... see Novell wrestling OpenOffice from Sun.

    I found this link on the Ubuntu brainstorm site that shares some thoughts...


    I'm a bit uneasy about this myself now. was gonna try it but now don't think so.

    go-oo is a playground for developers, so if you want to help find their bugs for them then go ahead and use it, but don't complain if it screws things up for you. If you're doing serious work, then use the proper OpenOffice which has been properly tested.

    The people behind go-oo are Novell, and the people behind Novell are Microsoft, so maybe that's another reason to avoid it.

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