Google Partnership Spells End Of Sensis Search

SensisLifehacker.jpg Google and Sensis (the division of Telstra that does directories and other information services) were very keen yesterday to spread the word about their new partnership, which will see Google provide ad services to Telstra and Sensis provide Yellow Pages ads on Google Maps. What wasn't really emphasised in the announcement is that this effectively means the end of Telstra's attempts to build its own search engine, since Sensis will (as of the beginning of 2009) be basically just a front end to the same results you could get from Google. That's not a bad thing, by the way, since the current Sensis incarnation has a well-deserved reputation for hopelessness. (Case in point: a search for 'Lifehacker' doesn't produce a single reference to this site.) Google dominance can sometimes be a scary thing, but when the alternative is this under-powered, it's understandable.


    On the other hand it probably doesn't make any difference - has any one ever heard of anyone or searched for anything using the Sensis search?
    Or am I really out of touch and people who use Bigpond (I'm told there are lots of them forking out excessive dollars) have a Sensis search built into their Bigpond homepage (which they don't care to or know how to change).
    No - even they have surely changed their homepage to Google. Phew, I can rest easy now!

    I feel for Sensis, a fantastically positioned company with access to a healthy slice of Australia. How they can have fundamentally messed up so many launches and re-launches puzzles me (who has been working in on line for over 10 years).
    This latest news is a lifeline for Sensis and long overdue too. Of course it is sad that Australia cant produce its own Search Engine (unlike neighbouring countries in Asia) but I recently heard that there were more searches on Youtube in Australia than Yahoo Australia, so did Sensis ever really stand a chance????

    You're right - Google will be providing web search and paid search advertising on Users will get world class web search results and sponsored listings and continue to be able to search Yellow, White Pages and Trading Post content from the one website.

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