Google iPhone App To Offer Search By Voice

Google is expected to release a free iPhone application today that lets iPhone owners ask to find local businesses, get driving directions, ask basic search queries ("What's the capitol of Belgium?"), and displays them on-screen "within seconds on a fast wireless network," according to the New York Times. I don't see it in the iTunes app store yet; tell us in the comments if you do. [via Gizmodo]


    People don't do research on an iphone. They do it on their desktop or notebook or UMPC. I found some voice recognition software named Tazti speech recognition that actually is a free download and performs voice searches of Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay and many other websites. It also lets me log into and navigate Facebook and Myspace by talking to my PC. It really works well.

    Here's their youtube demo video:​atch?v=C1tt_aeIAM8

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