Gmail Updates Its Look, Adds Themes

Google's beloved web-based email client has always been ripe for third-party design customisation (we've always been partial to the Gmail Redesigned skin in Better Gmail, for example), but now Gmail is officially riding the interface customisation train by offering 30-some new themes to spice up your inbox. Keep reading for a quick look at some of the cool new offerings.

Unfortunately I still don't see the Themes tab in my Gmail settings, but Google is an expert of the slow rollout, so we can all expect them sometime in the next few days. I'm partial to the ascii/Terminal theme, though it's probably a touch on the impractical side. Other than that, a lot of the offerings actually look really nice—especially compared with some of the lame duck skins Google offers in iGoogle. If I see themes in my account soon, I'll update the post with larger pictures. Let's hear which themes you like best—and whether or not they're actually enabled in your accounts yet—in the comments. Thanks Mark!


    Sweet.... its always nice to be able to customize stuff! I wonder if they're going to start with the other customization types, like they did with iGoogle pages (ie. user-themes and designer themes)

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