Gizmodo AU Editor Finally Gets Organised

GizmodoLogo.jpgNick Broughall, editor of Lifehacker's sibling site Gizmodo AU, had an organisational epiphany last week (clearly, he should have been spending more time here at Lifehacker) and decided to adopt Things and his iPhone as the centrepiece of a new getting-stuff-done approach. What's notable about Nick's conversion is that it came about after a seminar about how to get more efficient using a BlackBerry and Outlook, which proves yet again that technology is not really key to an organised life: it's making the decision to commit to a process and then sticking to it. Read the full post for how Nick's currently managing his working life; we might check back in a few weeks and see how well the system has stuck. How I Organised My Workload And Emptied My Inbox


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