Find Hidden House Prices On Real Estate Sites

HousePricing.jpg The blog at previously mentioned house pricing social network Home Price History offers up a trick for finding prices for houses that are listed online without a dollar figure (a pretty common scenario with auctions). Turns out that both and store background information using Google Base, and if you go hunting through the real estate category on Base, you can often find the asking price in the listing for a particular property. As the blog points out, that situation may not last long, and our quick tests suggest it didn't always produce the goods, but it's potentially useful information if you're trying to research a specific property.


    Does anybody know if it is possible to use this for listings?

    Erm, no, doesn't store data on Google Base.

    Nope - don't think it does

    I just checked last week's auction results at for "undisclosed" sale properties, and Google Base nailed each one. This is pretty awesome.

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