Find An Outlet At Your Airport

Find An Outlet At Your Airport

Microsoft evangelist Jeff Sandquist has put together a wiki sharing laptop-charging outlets in airports for the power-deprived and travel-weary. Some are easy-to-miss official stations, while others might require a bit of hubris (and flexibility on floor-sitting) to get to. (At this writing, there’s no Australian airport info, so there’s a weekend update project for someone . . .) [via Web Worker Daily]


  • Not quite a laptop story per se, but I was stuck with a dead mobile phone at a Spanish airport in the dead of night once. I unplugged the photo booth in the middle of the airport and charged it up there.

    Unfortunately, the light from the photo booth was the only thing illuminating the waiting area, so my cover was blown and I got a talking to from airport security…!
    Perhaps try unplugging a smaller appliance?

  • I’m frequently tempted to unplug vending machines, water coolers and the like. In an airport it always seems like a risky venture, but it’s easier in conference centres where there often far fewer staff!

  • The Airpower Wiki has a few more details on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra as of Jan 2009. Perth, Adelaide and Hobart are still off the grid (I haven’t been down to those airports yet)

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