Fedora 10 Officially Released, Ready For Download

Fedora has just released version 10 of the popular Linux distribution. It's only been six months since Fedora 9 hit servers, but the new release boasts all sorts of new features and improvements, including the addition of OpenOffice 3.0, new virtualisation features, internet connection sharing, faster booting, and a new security tool. Hit the Fedora 10 release notes for a full rundown of what you can expect. We tend to focus more on Ubuntu Linux, which has caught the attention of a lot of Linux users, but Fedora's breakneck updates and new look and features since version 9 look great. Keep reading for a quick look at Fedora 10 in action.

We haven't tried it out yet, but if you give Fedora 10 a try, let's hear how you like the new release—and how it compares to Ubuntu—in the comments. Fedora 10 is a free download.


    So is there an easy installer like wubi for fedora? I Haven't used fedora since v6 and at that time I still favoured ubuntu over fedora. Especially since ubuntu had wubi, the no mess no fuss way of trying out ubuntu without resorting to partitioning.

    In any case, for those interested, you should be able to creat a live usb with Unetbootin found at


    I would do it myself, but I dont have a USB that could fit that big an iso onto. In addition, my laptop an asus m51sn doesnt seem to want to boot through usb despite having set the options in the bios boot menu. Anyone have any ideas?

    Apparently you can use wubi for almost any distro but I can't see a direct guide to using it with Federa. A quick look shows that it has to be ported: http://zenit.senecac.on.ca/wiki/index.php/Wubi_port_to_Fedora

    Why name it Fedora? Surely a panama would have been more stylish?

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