Falling Dollar Makes Australia iPod Discount Heaven

NanoCheap.jpg The declining Australian dollar might be bad news if you're planning a US trip, but it turns out to be good news if you want to buy an iPod. Australia now ranks as the cheapest place on the globe to purchase a basic iPod, according to CommSec's quarterly iPod index, reports Susannah Moran at AustralianIT. That's a dramatic change from the previous quarter, when Australia ranked 14th for buying the then-entry-level model. iPods are generally hard to acquire at a discount (save for Apple's own occasional sales), so any opportunity to save money is helpful.



    It's only cheap to buy ipods if you have a strong, non-Australian currency to spend. The ipods haven't changed in price, our dollar has.

    Well it looks like some people might benefit from the financial crisis.

    my ipod doesnt talk like that...

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