ExTray Puts iTunes Album Art On Your Desktop

Windows only: exTray is a free system tray utility that monitors your iTunes playback and displays album art and other track information on your desktop. exTray can also control volume and playback through keyboard shortcuts and—strangely enough—even includes export functions to help you move metadata like track ratings and playcounts to another machine. exTray is far from the only app of its kind, has its own flair, is very customisable, and boasts a light footprint worth checking out. exTray is a free download, Windows only.


    Mac users may enjoy the (unfortunately not free, but otherwise excellent) CoverSutra http://www.coversutra.com/

    The feature that caught my eye was the export functionality. Unfortunately when I tried to run an export all I got was a "runtime error 6", so I think I'll pass on this utility. Shame really.

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