Embed YouTube Clips In PowerPoint

The Digital Inspiration blog tackles the many ways you can insert video clips into a PowerPoint presentation for nearly any kind of presentation—online or off, created in PowerPoint or imported from Google Docs, streaming or played live off your hard drive. We've previously featured a video demonstration that detailed a download-convert-embed solution, but this guide suggests using the free online tools Zamzar or MediaConverter to get AVI-formatted copies that work without any plug-in in PowerPoint. Have you seen embedded videos really work in a presentation, or are they simply flash and false sizzle? Tell us your take in the comments.


    MPEG 1...

    Used all the time

    I'm in charge of multimedia at my church and we regularly use video in powerpoint presentations. We download the video's, use a converter to convert them to wmv's and then simply insert them into our powerpoint. The trick is to ensure that the video is stored in the same location as when it was first embedded.

    So typically when I rock up to church, i would load up the powerpoint presentation, paste the video to be used on the desktop, insert the video into the powerpoint using the video on the desktop and simply play the thing. Works like a charm all the time. I don't need internet connection to do this at church.

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