Dry Shampoo Saves Hair Washing Time

My colleague Amber at babblebaby waxes eloquent about the delights of dry shampoo, effectively a means of washing your hair without actually putting it under water. As a bloke with deliberately short hair, I've never found hair washing that much of a chore, but if you're sporting a Michael Bolton or a Leona Lewis, this is definitely a tip worth noting (check the original post for the gory details and Amber's product recommendations).


    I thought we can use baby powder as a "cheaper" alternative to this dry shampoo

    I actually asked Amber (my new hair care expert, obviously) about that one, and she said it was indeed possible, but you did come out of it smelling like baby powder, which I think is a downer unless you are in fact a baby. In which case you have no hair and other more pressing stench issues to deal with.

    Me again! Baby powder is also coarser and stickier than dry shampoo so it sticks in your hair making it look a bit grey. The dry shampoo seems to blend in better. There is also the mess factor with talcum powder.

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