Doc Scrubber Removes Hidden Metadata From Your Word Docs

Windows only: Every time you save a Microsoft word doc, Word embeds gobs of potentially embarrassing metadata in your document, meaning that when you send a document off to someone else, you may be sending more than you intended. Free application Doc Scrubber analyses Microsoft Word documents for hidden data, scrubs the document of any metadata you tell it to, and then creates a new clean file. Doc Scrubber can scrub whole folders at a time and offers a lot of control over what it scrubs and how it does it. If you do a lot of work in Word—especially with sensitive material—Doc Scrubber could come in very handy.


    This would be a great way to harvest sensitive data. Get everyone who wants to scrub data to install it, then harvest, at some point in the future try to phone home.... maybe I'm just paranoid

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