DIY IKEA Mic Stand

Lamp.jpg Looking for somewhere to mount a microphone when you're recording podcasts or your own music? Conceptual design blog SGArts came up with a quick but effective solution: superglue the microphone to an extendable lamp. He used the Antifoni from IKEA, but any similar lamp would do.


    SUPERGLUE THE MICROPHONE???!!! Arrrgh No! Sorry microphones are delicate instruments and need to be treated carefully and never loaned out to any one and be stored in their own case when not in use. It is just me or am I posssesive of a $1000 microhone? (not that this example recommends using such a beast - but still a microphone is a microhone :P )

      OK... so attach (glue, screw, bolt, or band) a mic clip to the stand.

      DIY IKEA Mic Stand: good idea!

    Oh... by the way... I just realised I'm using a mic stand as a standard lamp holder!

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