Create New Folders In Explorer With A Shortcut

Windows only: Reader Juliana created a simple but extremely useful AutoHotkey script that creates a new folder in Explorer with a quick keystroke of Ctrl+N. If you're an AHK user, you can download the script source here and just copy and paste it into your own AHK script. (This is a great compliment to the Better Rename script, for example, which brings Vista-style renaming to XP.) If you're not an AHK user, you can still add the shortcut sugar to Explorer by downloading the executable (linked below). It may not change your life, but if you're a shortcut lover, it certainly adds a much-needed feature to Explorer.



    I've been searching for this for about 20 mins

    I'm running Vista x64

    This little (in size not value) application works as promised on my Vista Home Premium 32 bit system! Thanks for the much needed shortcut that Microsoft neglected again!

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