ClockingIT Is A Free Hosted Project Management Tool

ClockingIT Is A Free Hosted Project Management Tool

The ClockingIT webapp is a hosted, open-source solution to managing team-oriented projects. The robust features in ClockingIT might be overkill for a single worker, but when applied to a team yield a gold mine of management tools and report generation. Projects contain subsets of tasks, which you can filter by various criteria, like “Open Tasks” and “My In Progress Tasks.” GANTT charts visualize the project schedule and update with date changes. ClockingIT includes unlimited file storage per project. While I was able to set up an account and try out the various functions, I didn’t have a software development team on hand to really put ClockingIT through the paces. If you have experience with ClockingIT, sound off in the comments below! For other free alternatives check out Project2Manage and activeCollab. Thanks David!


  • You may check ( It is free and offered both hosted and installed on companies premises. Besides time tracking they also have wiki collaboration, issue management, reports, templates, Excel and MS Project integration… I’ve been using it for few months and find it very simple and intuitive.

  • The Best Project Management tool is ValleySpeak Project Server. A good hosted Project Management software that suits my EPM needs is valleyspeak project server, which I found at One of the main reasons why I like the software is the fact that I could continue to work in Microsoft Project 2007 while sharing my Microsoft Project plans with my teams.

    Because it is a hosted service, I did not have to buy expensive software or deal with installation and maintenance headaches. The functionality that I have with valleyspeak to manage my geographically dispersed teams works well for me. We also evaluated Basecamp and some other solutions but were not impressed.

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