Business Almost Enthusiastic About Social Networking

CubicleWars.jpgWorkplace bans on Facebook and other social networking sites aren't uncommon — just ask our Prime Minister But a new report on a roundtable held by the Future Exploration Network suggests that companies are slowly embracing the social networking concept and getting over access mania: It's good to read comments like these:

We don't try to control what people do or where they do it - we have a couple of filters for pornography and games sites. But we don't get reports on who's doing what.
What if I have one of my best performers spending an hour a day on Facebook - do I really want to stop them? If they are hitting their metrics is it really that bad?

However, it's a little worrying that all the executives involved have chosen to be anonymous (no comments are attributed, though participants are listed. If social networking strategies are so great, then why the embarrassment at being named?


    This is definately a hard one to get your head around. I work in the digital division of our office, so technically being on facebook is a part of my job. Still, I feel uncomfortable spending too much time on facebook, even though a lot of it is research and networking...

    Speaking as a manager, my job has been made a lot easier since my employer blocked social networking sites as well as sites like youtube. If my staff only used it for 30 mins a day or even an hour I wouldn't have a problem with it, however I'm sure some of my staff were wasting hours on it. Whilst I guess it is up to me to manage this, I don't want to treat my working environment as a school yard, and expect my staff to exhibit their own self controls, however with some this does not happen.

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