Build And Find Playlists In YouTube

Google Operating System reports that YouTube is once again allowing users to search for playlists. Combining related videos (such as a series of tutorials or, if you're a rampant disrespecter of copyright, segments of a TV show) makes it easier to watch them in order. YouTube has a brief walkthrough on how to build a playlist in its help system, though it's not perfect as yet. For instance, YouTube claims you can embed playlist content, but I couldn't get that option to work as described.


    You can embed playlists. All you have to do is make the playlist then go to your playlists page, click on the playlist you just created and it'll show you the embedding code. Check I use it for my site. The only problem with embedded playlists is that can't play in high res yet? If anyone knows a code that you can add to an embedded playlist (not single video)that forces it to play high res please let me know

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