BizCover Quotes, Sells Professional Indemnity Insurance

BizCover Quotes, Sells Professional Indemnity Insurance

Getting home or car insurance online is pretty standard these days, but more specialised insurance categories can be harder work. If you’re self-employed and work as a contractor in many fields (including IT), professional indemnity insurance is a key requirement. Comparison site BizCover generates custom quotes based on your business size and activity, and will sell you the insurance directly if you find a deal that suits. Indemnity insurance is hardly glamorous, but better to hunt it down online than suffer from an unexpected lawsuit later.


  • Thanks very much for writing about us. An excellent article 🙂

    If anyone has any questions about BizCover, feel free to contact us through our site, or give us a call.


  • Finally… Professional Indemnity is such a confusing and long winded thing to get, the bizcover site is a breath of fresh air. Good prices and easy to use – lifehacker thanks for finding this one.

  • Thanks for the referral! I checked out BizCover and realized that it’s an excellent website.

    The quote system was fast and very efficient! Not only did I get 3 quotes from some top notch insurers, but I was also able to purchase my Professional Indemnity insurance online immediately.

    I needed insurance urgently and this was FAST! I think they’re the only ones in Australia who can sell you PI online.

    I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting an efficient service and those who don’t want to have to wait – because trust me, it can be a long drawn out process. This site definitely saves you time and sanity!

  • Professional indemnity is very tricky and using a cookie cutter online quote, pay and get policy platform is in itself risky. Just one example, your a civil construction company, you won the tender for site works from the lead contractor and your design work is out to a subcontractor, your subcontractor makes a mistake, main roads has a stink at lead contractor which gets stuck into you, and so on. Make a claim and watch them squirm out of paying up. The people above saying long and drawn out, obviously don’t run a business. Because having comprehensive protection for risk is exactly what you want and making sure you get exactly that doesn’t happen in an 6 field 5 checkbox online form. I write this because I been there and got stung. Understand PI inside out, you might find you don’t even need it and if you do, you want the broker to understand exactly what you do. I used for my recent policy, but there are a few brokers is another I have heard good things about. Just google or ask friends, check reviews and what not. I wanted a broker to spend time understanding my business and risk, I wanted them to be flexible and speak outside business hours to avoid interrupting my productivity, I wanted affordability and most of all I wanted quality protection. The world seems to be more and more litigious, you need the right cover.

    Sorry mods if this a a bit long winded, after getting a hiding, this topic is close to home.

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