Better Gmail Updates, Gets Calendar And Reader Integration

All platforms with Firefox: Just uploaded a freshly-baked new version of the Better Gmail 2 Firefox extension, which includes several fixes and new user scripts. First, if you Redesigned skin lovers were bogged down by slowness, that's been fixed. If the Gmail Labs' Agenda gadget just isn't enough for your calendar-in-Gmail needs, now you'll find Michael Balazs' excellent collapsible Calendar and Reader user script in the extension, as well as the Show Editable Subject script I whipped up last month. Hit the changelog at the extension homepage for a full rundown of what got fixed and updated, and download the new version there. (Note: I've submitted the new version to Mozilla Add-ons and await approval now.) Also: Better Gmail 2 turned one year old earlier this month! Thanks for all your support and help making the extension one of Mozilla's official Recommended Add-ons with over half a million daily users from Mozilla Add-ons alone, but special thanks to the user script developers whose hard work amazes me more with every version.


    The collapsible reader/calendar option isn't working for me either. Tried enabling and refreshing gmail, logged in and out, turned it off and restarted the browser, etc. Nothing. Can't seem to get Integrated Gmail working either...I'm cursed!

    Yesterday my folders4gmail stopped working. The color selector normally on the right side, appears on the left over the usual tree expansion symbol, when selected the color selector window comes up and freezes. I'm using better gmail2 0.7.1 on Firefox 3, same issue on both my Windows XP and Mac OSX machines. When I use a different skin, its OK, only a problem with "redesigned".
    Michael Hund

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