Asus Goes Green With Bamboo Series Laptops

AsusBambooSeries2.jpgNotebooks with cases that aren't some variation on grey/black have become more prevalent in recent years, but most still sport fundamentally the same materials on the outside. Asus' Bamboo series is a definite exception, using bamboo for a design approach that also claims a greater level of environmental friendliness than your typical hard-case machine.

The laptops are covered in "artisan-grade Moso bamboo panelling", a light, and durable, non-flammable and petrochemical-free material. Apparently, the design "is a cutting edge creation that incorporates innate, ornate aesthetics, each Bamboo Series notebook is organically unique and radiates a divine spirituality" — those are Asus' words, not mine, obviously.

The notebook range actually looks better than the hyperbole makes it sound. Bear in mind that the machines are only partially degradable, with much debate about whether bamboo really is greener than plastic, and you'll still want a PC-friendly recycling centre at the end of its life. But anything that improves the green quotient for what's still a fairly toxic industry is a good step. The laptops — which come in 11.1in and 12.1in models, sporting Core 2 Duo processors and Windows Vista — should hit stores in December, with pricing starting at $3,499.


    Ha Bamboo! I reckon they look cool, and the bamboo seems hardy enough. Wonder what happens if i drop my ciggy on it, does it burn!

    Is this is to show they are going green? Go ASUS, plastic is a main contributor to the issues we all face today.

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