YouTube Hot Spots Identifies The Popular And Dull Parts Of Your Videos

YouTube Hot Spots Identifies The Popular And Dull Parts Of Your Videos

Hotspots.jpgYouTube videos tend to be brief (even with the newly-relaxed upload limit), but even so people often stop watching partway through if they get bored. Hot Spots, a new feature on YouTube, helps you identify when the audience is getting turned off by showing how likely people are to watch at any given time, based on viewing statistics from YouTube’s Insight tracking feature. To access the Hot Spots graph, select the Hot Spots tab from the Insights dashboard. (Like many Google features, it seems to be rolling out gradually; I couldn’t see it on my own YouTube account).

While any judgement on your work might need to be taken with a grain of salt if the video has only been viewed a handful of times, spotting a common exit point could suggest ways to re-edit your video for improved impact. If you want to share someone else’s YouTube video and cut out the dull bits, check out recently-mentioned Splicd.


  • I love this idea, I have always wondered how long someone stays on my videos and watch the entire thing before making a stupid comment that does not make sense. Usually if they watched the entire thing they would not have made that comment. I plan on learning from this tool for future videos. I usually let friends watch first and watch their facial expressions and determine when they got bored or confused and re-edited accordingly. I also think during dull spots in a video it would be a great place to utilize the annotations tool. Let them know you know there about to click away and either persuade them to stay or redirect them to another video. Rippy

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