Use A Reward Label On Your Mobile Phone

iPhoneLabel.jpg Lifehacker reader Tom D writes in with this sensible suggestion:

I use a passcode lock on my iPhone, which means if it's stolen or lost the person who finds it probably won't be able to make use of it. Obviously this is good, however it means apps like private-i and other "I'm lost, here are my details" apps won't work either. Also anyone who finds it can't get into your address book to call "me" or "home" or "mum" or whoever to report it. So I used a label maker and printed out "REWARD IF FOUND ", trimmed it down and stuck it to the back of my iPhone (or any other valuable gadget). Not terribly aesthetically pleasing, but at least if the phone is stolen or lost, the person finding it has instant access to the owner's info and hopefully the offer of a reward is enough to get their good nature to kick in and make an attempt to return it.

As an obsessed label maker user, I'm surprised this didn't occur to me before. Got any other neat hacks for dealing with the inevitable moment when your phone gets lost? Share them in the comments. Thanks, Tom D!


    interesting idea, most people would be nice enough to return a phone.

    FYI, might want to read this;

    Wouldn't people be enticed to steal your phone to claim the reward? :P

    What about

    I dropped my iphone in a supermarket parking lot during my lunch hour a moth or so back. I was unbelievably lucky when I went back, retracing my steps an hour or so later, and found it waiting for me behind the customer service desk. I gave the guy behind the counter $20 (he tried to refuse) and told him to buy a lottery ticket with it :)

    The ID label was on my phone within a week!

    @Moe - how about putting the label on the back (inside surface) of the battery cover? I imagine most people would open it ----

    Great idea... I'm changing it up a bit.. I'm adding the info to my background in iPhone...

    Check out -- this company sells labels to help reconnect you with your lost digital items. You set the reward amount you're willing to provide and can pay for enhanced services from stuffbak or just do a bare minimum service.

    I would recommend adding that information to the phone wallpaper, its visible even if the phone is passcode locked.

    what about a program that makes a background screen with important information on it? wouldn't that work too

    Might want to add your ICE info to the label, also.

    I stumbled on an Aussie company offering this service, bought a sticker pack and now hopefully my phone will make it back the next time i lose it (happens a bit :))

    I've used for my most valuable items. The stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different kinds of objects, and also come in multi-packs (you should get them when they've got a half-price sale!). Not sure how it compares to the other ones other people mentioned, but what I do like about TrackItBack is that buying the sticker insures the item for life (not just for one year and having to keep renewing it, like some other companies).

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