Ubuntu 8.10 Gets Optional DarkRoom Theme

Ubuntu 8.10, the next release of the Linux distro we looked at earlier this month, will have a much-requested "DarkRoom" theme available, though the lighter Human remains the default. A full screen of the DarkRoom desktop is below. [via]


    I'm glad they included it; this theme is like marmite to the Linux community. You either love it or hate it!

    Personally, I find marmite sort of ok; and I love the new theme - so oh well!

    What ever happened to Mark Shuttleworths Plans to Make Ubuntu "Prettier" "in his own words"
    Than Mac Osx/Leopard???
    In my Opinion this long awaited new ubuntu theme, 'which isn't even set to default'
    gets a BIG Thumbs Down from me.
    Thank Fark For Kde

    ha, dark themes are the future. It's nice that they've included a warm dark theme. I've made a little tweaks to my version but it feels good :).

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