Tweak Imperfect Digital Photos With Web Applications

Boat.jpg While a big selling point for digital photography is that you can take multiple shots and then discard the duds, you don't always get the chance to do that. Sometimes a single imperfect picture is all you've got, but that doesn't mean your finger has to stray to the Delete key straight away. Here's a handful of our favourite web apps for tweaking photos, offering ways of redeeming those less than perfect snaps without even having to install any software.Of course, image editors like Picasa, Photoshop and GIMP can handle many routine fixes (like cropping, removing red eye and colour correction), and there are Web-based options that handle those too. But here's some more unusual ways of fixing up your pics that don't need you to grapple with light balance, colour curves or other fiddly elements. In some cases, the bigger the picture, the better the result, but for email and online purposes, remember, small is beautiful.

Go for the ancient look

Prague.jpg Wanokoto Labs offers "photos like over 100 to 150 years old". The blurring of detail can hide a multitude of sins — no-one expects an ancient shot to have perfect clarity. Choose your topics carefully: a modern streetscape isn't going to be as convincing as a forest. (Original post)

Add a speech bubble

TouristBubble.jpg Kyolo lets you add a speech bubble to any shot, with an easy web-based interface for editing. OK, this can easily get hopelessly cheesy, but it's a neat way to personalise your shots. To save pictures, you need to register (a free and hassle-free process). (Original post)

Go for the mirror image

Turing01.jpg adds a reflection to your shot (you can choose in which direction), and requires you to do nothing more than click the upload button. If you pick a suitably isolated object, the results can be impressive — and certainly a distraction from any other problems. (Original post)


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