Transfer Files Lightning Fast With FastCopy

Windows only: Free application FastCopy is a portable replacement for the standard Windows Explorer file copying mechanism. FastCopy's interface is rather cluttered but the file transfer speeds are fantastic. Copying ISO files, thousands of pictures, and other test files was extremely fast. You can opt to not overwrite, overwrite by newest or biggest file, and sync when transferring files with FastCopy. We've covered another popular file copier replacement here before, TeraCopy, and you might be wondering how FastCopy stacks up against it.

In my informal testing FastCopy beat TeraCopy by a small to large margin depending on the type of file copy operation. When copying large batches of small files like 2-3MB JPEGs, FastCopy beat Teracopy by a nearly 800% margin. Performance decreased when copying larger files like DVD ISOs, but FastCopy still edged out TeraCopy by around 100%. Both programs can be used as portable USB apps, both have Windows shell integration with right click and drag and drop extensions, and both have a file transfer verification. TeraCopy has the ability to pause transfers, a feature absent from FastCopy. As mentioned above the interface of FastCopy is very cluttered and dull, so if looks matter, the vote definitely goes to TeraCopy for a much cleaner GUI. FastCopy is a free download for Windows only.


    I use KillCopy which is great.

    I'd be interested to know KillCopy compares with FastCopy - speed and features.


    I've tested, FastCopy run faster with the option 'verify' enabled, besides FastCopy has more features as ACL and AltStream and you can set manually the buffer more than 32 MB; with the option 'verify' disabled the speed is the same

    For me, FastCopy's so well: very small size, very simple to install, especially very fast copy (according to its name). Howerver, the speed is upholded only if we copy & paste on the same hard disk, or from HDD 1 to HDD 2 with the cable to the mainboard. If we copy via network or USB, it's also slow.

    Are there any tools much useful for network copying?

    You can pause Fastcopy by moving the Buffer slider to the left (not obcvious!)

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