TouchType Adds Landscape Typing To iPhone Email

iPhone/iPod touch only: TouchType, an iPhone utility that costs 99 cents, allows for landscape mode typing when composing or replying to email. It's definitely a function Apple should have included in the firmware, but, for whatever reason, email remains a portrait-only affair. You can start an email in TouchType and send it to email for addressing, or start a reply, hit the home button, open TouchType and finish the reply there. Whether you feel you should pay for a software fault, TouchType does make it easier to type with your thumbs, and to generally peck through longer messages. TouchType costs 99 cents, and is available for iPhones and iPod touch models running at least the 2.0 firmware.


    Just wondering why you chose to single out one of the four iPhone apps released last night that all allow users to write emails in landscape mode. See this list:

    This entry makes it seem like there's only one app out there that does this.

    It would be great if you'd update that entry to reflect the fact that iPhone / iPod touch users now have four choices if they want to write emails in landscape mode.

    Full disclosure: I developed one of the other four apps, Wide Email.

    Now that the touch screen has released us from the confines of a keyboard with a fixed layout, programs like this should provide more efficient layouts such as Dvorak, or even customisable layouts.

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