The Web. Now Made By Hand


You can get handmade suits. Handmade cars. There's even handmade Japanese marble mazes. Now, thanks to the new Nokia N96, the web can now be handmade, as well.

Unlike many other smartphones, the Nokia N96 not only allows you to consume things on the web, but also to create and share from the palm of your hand. So you can watch your favourite video clips on YouTube, but also shoot your own video, upload it to your social network and share it with the world, wherever you are! So don't just be a consumer, be a creator!

For a closer look at the N96, click here.


    So this post is just an ad, disguised to look like a post? In a blog about productivity, getting me to click through from my reader just to find myself staring at an ad is not cool. It should at least be tagged "advertisement".

    I'd prefer no Nokia ads in my RSS feed, thanks

    This sounds like an advertisement, which I didn't expect from Life Hacker...

    This looks far too much like a normal Lifehacker post rather than an ad. The logo up the top is too much of a subtle difference.

    Blurring the line between ads and content this much is not cool.

    Thanks Lifehacker for this un-biased report on the awesome new Nokia phone!

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