TaskExplorer Is Attractive, Powerful Task Manager

Windows only: Free application MKN TaskExplorer is a Windows Task Manager replacement packed with options, system information, and pretty graphs. We've highlighted tons of alternative task managers in the past, but TaskExplorer still manages to stand out with a great, uncluttered interface and easy to read stats. MKN TaskExplorer is freeware, Windows only.


    What's the point of a Task Manager replacement which simply prettifies the Windows Task Manager. The main reason the vast majority of users bring up the Task Manager is because they have a problem. If they have a problem and they see something called Language.exe it will mean absolutely nothing to them, and it will sure scare some of them.

    I went that way years ago, using a product called Startup Manager. It was better than Task Manager but, in the end, I still was not much better placed than with the default Task Manager - what does this Language.exe do ??? Still, in those days I recommended Startup Manager to everyone I talked to because it did give me a better control over startups than the horrible MSCONFIG.

    Then last year I discovered The Ultimate Troubleshooter at Answersthatwork.com and now I've truly found "Inspiration, Knowledge, Revelation". Sounds religious, hey ? Well, it is, I have never loved a product so much as ultimate troubleshooter, so now I'm telling everyone I know.

    The point of my reply : things move on. Basic alternatives to the Windows Task Manager were a great thing to push two, three, four years ago, because that is all that was available then. But just because something is free doesn't mean it's useful NOWADAYS. The bar has moved up, we're no longer in the geeks era of 4 or 5 years ago when "doing things the hard techie way" was cool - it's plain stupid nowadays. Just like I no longer make mayonnaise with a fork like my mom taught me, I use an electric beater, it makes no sense to push a basic improvement on Task Manager because it's FREE and tell readers to spend hours Googling the tasks (is your time FREE?) when, just like Obama has shown that the world has moved on, even if he doesn't get elected, products like ultimate troubleshooter are a 9 million percent improvement on any Windows Task Manager out there. And if someone can tell me of something better than ultimate troubleshooter, I will go to that too. Move on with the times guys - this is the "Computer" and you guys get stuck in ancient (in computer terms) old-fashioned geeky attitudes !

    Process Explorer is free, it always has been and just because something cost doesn't mean it is better, as a rule, it isn't. All your hog wash about how great Ultimate Troubleshooter is , is nothing more than hog wash - for instance, if you want to know the TIDs ( thread IDs ) of a process, can TUT do that, can it end a thread without killing the whole process. if you have a IE window open and have several other IE windows open under the same PID - can you kill the thread of one window without killing the whole PID ? I think NOT. the only task managers that can do that are process explorer and anvir. anvir can kill all the threads as long as you don't kill the parent process. Process Explorer can kill any child - parent process without destroying one another - TUT is for the illiterate that have no idea how or why something needs done - besides, what idiot would pay for something that does less than a product that is free - I have only mentioned a few here, the list goes on and on, either you're ignorant or have a lot of money and want to throw it away

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