Take A Leave Of Absence Without Burning Bridges

Even in the job that's perfect for you, the day-in/day-out stresses can leave you ready to quit or just bitter. Barbara Raab, a writer and editor at NBC Nightly News, took the rare but helpful step of asking for a leave of absence—and it's helped her realise she wants to come back. Before others take the leap, though, Raab suggests they:

Make the business case. Tell your employer what's in it for them, not just for you. I knew I would be a better employee in a rapidly changing industry upon my return, and I made sure to say so. Help your employer want to invest in your growth, even if it happens outside their walls.

Have you managed to successfully negotiate a leave of absence? What did you use it for, and how did it pay off? Share your story in the comments. Photo by StickBus.


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