Switchwise Helps Pick Cheapest Electricity Provider

Switchwise Helps Pick Cheapest Electricity Provider

If you’re trying to trim the family budget in lean times, the electricity bill is a good place to start. More sensible use of appliances is always a good approach, but with competition now at least a partial reality, it also pays to work out if you could get a better deal on your existing service. Recently launched web comparison service Switchwise takes your location (by suburb name or postcode) and then suggests alternative suppliers that might come out cheaper (and gives you the option of switching if you want). Answering additional questions like house size and current consumption patterns refines the list, but not having to answer those questions up front makes it easier to get started. Switchwise is currently Victoria-only (like similar and previously mentioned GoSwitch), but you can sign up to be notified when it’s available in your area.


  • I have recently used GoSwitch.com.au after reading about it in Money Magazine and watching the CEO interviewed ion 7 News. I live in Adelaide and I can confirm that GoSwitch is an electricity and gas price comparsion site that covers all contestable states in Australia. It was actually a quick and easy way to compare all the available energy offers in my home state, switch to a cheaper and offer and save money on electricity and gas. I found the service realiable and easy to use. And free too.

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