Start Planning For A Greener Christmas

Tinsel.jpg Christmas consumables are already in the shops, which might just serve as a cue for working out ways to celebrate the festive season which don't involve so much cheap plastic from China. F** (decidedly not safe for work) is largely designed to flog a T-shirt bearing the same slogan (which I for one would happily wear), but still offers a handy list of 10 tips for greening up your December 25. I especially liked the workplace option of banning Kris Kringle parties:

have you ever remembered receiving a kris kringle gift that you actually liked or found useful? probably not. well the important thing is not to encourage it.

A separate tip via OzBargain is to use biodegradable paper plates to minimise the impact of your celebrations. If you've got other green Christmas tips, spread the joy in the comments.


    It's a bit early for the greenies to start the Bah-Humbug campaign isn't it? Stop the work Kris Kringle? Obviously you people work in very sh!tty workplaces but where I am, the KK is a lot of fun and a highlight of Christmas. Buy a re-usable tree? Guess what they are made of (hint - it is mentioned in your article and comes from China!). Get a purpose grown REAL tree each year which has provided plenty of carbon dioxide conversion in its life, and is completely biodegradable! I guess the next campaign will be to ban Father Christmas as the spectrum of light in red can be better harnassed as an alternative to coal (speaking of which, a better use for that black substance would be to put it in the stocking of the idiots that come up with offensive stuff like this). I'm all for recycled paper plates and cups and things of that nature but there is a line that I won't cross and some of this is on the other side of it.

    Every time you use a capital letter outside of a slogan, Santa kills a baby fur seal.

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