Six Slick Windows Themes To Dress Up Your Desktop

While fiddling with the look and feel of your computer desktop isn't technically productive, making your workspace something you're proud of and happy to look at makes you more likely to want to get things done. Earlier this week, Jason showed you how to start using custom Windows visual styles, and the comments blew up with readers recommending their favourite desktop themes. In addition to the three themes Jason pointed out in his article, let's take a look at a few more reader recommendations your desktop might like to try on for size.

So far my personal favourite is GelXP, which comes in a bright blue or darker version:

GelXP (blue)

GelXP (dark)

Here are a few others readers mentioned:


Razor 2 Final

Royale Vista



In order to try any of these out, you will have to "patch" your Windows setup to all for custom styles. Here's the step by step instructions on how to apply these visual styles in XP and Vista. Did we miss a killer style the computing world can't go on without knowing about? Post up a link in the comments.


    Both links for the gelxp themes link to the dark one and I want to get the blue one.

    Any ideas?1

    Never mind. I was took quick to ask a question.

    It's under the appearance tab.

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