RSS Use May Be Peaking At 11 Percent

A new report shows use of RSS feeds growing from two to 11 percent in the past three years. The key finding, though, is only 17 percent of the 89 percent who don't use RSS are interested in learning how, indicating a possible peak. What do you see as RSS' main barrier to popularity, and how could it be fixed (or replaced)? [via]


    I can't believe so few people here are speaking up for it. Perhaps the use of aggregated views of multiple feeds is what's putting people off?

    I use Netvibes ( - which presents each feed separately - to scan Lifehacker, BoingBoing, Stereogum, NOTCOT, friends blogs etc etc for items of interest. If I see nothing, I mark all as read and move on - having spent maybe 5 minutes checking about 30 different sites.

    Webcomics, Facebook updates, Flickr newsfeedsand other stuff I want to read every update for all go in Google Reader I work through them every couple of days.

    I feel it's this kind of aggregation that's going to be useful as people consume more and more media from disparate sources.

    I think that what most people don't realize, is that RSS is like reading the newspaper, but an "you name here" sort of newspaper. It boosts your capacity to absorb information, and optimizes your free time...

    Of course that only a few people who aren't interested in news at all will show interest for RSS, and that may be one of the reasons for this "peek" existance.

    I've been mouthing off around the web for a while now, about how the term RSS simply isn't "sexy" enough to market the obvious benefits of the technology.

    People ask "What's RSS stand for?". You tell them, and they're still left there scratching their heads.

    If only the technology had some "sexy" name to replace the obscure acronym, I think the uptake rate would be a lot higher and happen sooner.

    I think the use of an RSS reader is part of the widening divide between those who live on the internet and those who don't. I still have to coach people about using email and google groups. RSS is a whole nother leap for them.

    I think a lot of people are still subscribed primarily to old media. As there's a generational shift towards new media, RSS will become the norm. I can't imagine there would be many people that have given up on television broadcasts and newspapers that don't use RSS (except for the information-hermit types).

    I think that the issue is that RSS feeds are not available from everywhere. Plus some sites do not make it easy to grab the RSS feeds you want. ( for example makes it easy to grab general project updates but I find it complicated to get an RSS feed of Project File Releases.) Finding RSS Feeds in a search engine would be helpful also.

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